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Christmas Plans to do in Oliva Nova

This Christmas is more special than ever. Why? The year 2022 has been the first year that we have been able to really enjoy the lifestyle and the pre-pandemic plans and after the last two holidays marked (the first for being in the middle of the covid year and the second for continuing to have different restrictions) for the first time in a long time we are going to be able to enjoy the Christmas holidays as we deserve. And where better than on the shores of the Mediterranean? We’ll describe you the Christmas plans to do in Oliva Nova!

Enjoy the most special Christmas in Oliva Nova

How quickly time passes! Right? Just a few months ago we were enjoying the best summer plans and now we are about to say goodbye to 2022 already thinking about the most fun activities to do in Oliva Nova and say goodbye to this year in style! If you want to do it as a couple, as a family and even give yourself some time to yourself in solitude! We’ll tell you what are the advantages of spending your holidays in Oliva Nova and what are the best Christmas plans that you are going to be able to make!

1. Take the last bath of the year

As we have already told you on previous occasions, taking a good bath on the beach out of season is good and recommended for health and among many other benefits, we find the strengthening of bones, the activation of circulation or the elimination of toxins. In addition, it is well known that the sea has a relaxing power and, symbolically, taking a bath in the sea, especially in times when we are practically the only bathers, cleanses and regenerates us inside. Can you think of anything more magical than taking a bath in the sea on December 31st? Surely not!

2. Or the walk on the shore!

If at this time of the year the sea water is too cold for you, you can enjoy the sea in many other ways such as taking a long and pleasant walk on the shore. The immensity of the sea will take on a more special relevance these last days of the year and you will be able to take advantage of the noise of the waves to walk in silence, meditate, take stock of the last 12 months and think about your New Year’s intentions.

3. Sightseeing in the surrounding villages

Gandía, Jávea Altea and the town of Oliva itself are three destinations very close to Oliva Nova where you can enjoy a day of tourism and get to know the incredible spaces around. And if you feel like going a little further, you can go to the city of Valencia or Alicante. You will love both destinations!

visitar valencia

4. Give yourself a good massage to start the new year renewed

In addition to relaxing, massages are a real physical and mental therapy to disconnect and renew energies. And in the Spa-center of Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Club they give the best! Their massage menu is undoubtedly the most varied and complete and when you put yourself in the hands of their professionals you will notice the difference! You already know, choose your favorite, book your appointment and start the year 2023 with your batteries charged and your body renewed.

5. And of course to put in order feet and hands!

Manicure or pedicure. What service do you need to perform to receive the year feeling beautiful and great about yourself? During these important dates, taking care of the image is important since we are going to socialize more than usual and the hands are a very important part of our appearance. Luckily, in Oliva Nova you can get these and many other beauty treatments. Try them, you will love them!

6. And enjoy the best gala dinners at Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort!

The goal of this Christmas in Oliva Nova for you is to enjoy and relax. For this reason, for once forget about organizing Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve dinner and enjoy the richest gastronomy and the most special gala party with the offers that Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort has prepared for you and your loved ones. And also at a very affordable price! A different and special plan that you will never forget! Happy Holidays!


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