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Tips to keep a second home in perfect condition

Apart from being an economic investment, having a second home is synonymous with freedom and tranquility since it means always having, whether it is summer, Easter, a long weekend or any holiday period, no matter how short, your own place to which you can escape whenever you want. In addition, having a vacation home means not having to worry about looking for locations, accommodations and reservations, also being a comfortable place for your family and for you according to your tastes, needs and comforts.

A whole world of advantages that, given their own characteristics and being homes where we do not live the rest of the year, require special care to keep them in perfect condition all year round! Continue reading and discover these simple but practical tips that will also save you money in the long run in repairs and avoidable maintenance, and the occasional headache!

How to keep your vacation home in perfect condition all year round
1. General cleaning when opening and closing the house

Although the last thing you want to do on vacation is to clean the house, this small investment of time and effort will end up being worth it not only to get it ready but to make sure it stays in good condition. Thoroughly cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, cleaning windows, removing dust accumulated on shelves, cupboards and corners during the months in which the house has been empty and sweeping and scrubbing all rooms are some of the mandatory cleaning tasks. However, this task becomes especially important when the holidays come to an end and it’s time to close the house. In this way, you will make sure that everything is in perfect condition, that you do not leave any perishable food in the kitchen and it will make general cleaning much easier the next time you come back.

2. The importance of good ventilation!

As important as cleaning your second home conscientiously is to ventilate it as soon as you arrive to refresh it, unload it from humidity and that characteristic musty smell and let the air currents do their job.

3. Keep humidity at bay!

A very effective trick to prevent rooms from getting too humid, especially in coastal areas such as those where Oliva Nova is located, is to leave a bowl of salt and baking soda inside them.

In addition, another trick to get rid of it and prevent mold from growing in the household textiles that we leave stored in the closets is to place anti-humidity sachets.

4. And leave everything closed before going back to the city!

In addition to security, leaving a window or access open will allow dust and dirt from outside to enter the property, as well as being a risk since the wind from outside can break a piece of furniture or objects. Close windows, blinds, doors and even drains, stopcocks and WC covers well.

In addition, gas, water and electricity are other aspects to take into account to leave closed if we are going to be away for a long time, since they will avoid electrical overloads and the possibility of a domestic accident if there is a leak or power outage.

5. Hire a security service

Finally, the advisable thing so that your house is protected and you stay calm is to contract a home insurance as well as an alarm system. The first will cover any type of unforeseen event and the second will serve as protection against any possible mishap or assault that could arise in your second home.


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