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Decorating resolutions for 2023, easy to achieve!

A new year is here and with it we have 12 months ahead of us to fulfill all the resolutions that we set for ourselves not only personal and professional but also in terms of decoration! And it is that many times there are certain tasks or goals to be done at home that, for one reason or another, we end up postponing over and over again and that end up being a background noise in our mind that does not provide us with mental peace. This is a mistake since the decoration purposes are just as important as others that we propose since having a harmonious house will allow us to make it a refuge in which to find ourselves in peace and with enough energy to fulfill the rest of our goals.

That’s why, and taking advantage of the fact that this 2023 has just begun, we propose 5 easy-to-achieve decoration purposes for your house that we assure you, you will love to fulfill.

1. Do a thorough house cleaning!

And when we say “a thorough cleaning”, we mean the following: empty closets and clean them inside, as well as all the furniture in the house, including tables, chairs, desks, shelves… Give a good look to the windows, floors, doors of all rooms and any nooks and crannies! The idea is to clean all those parts of the house that normally do not need to be cleaned on a regular basis but that, over time, end up picking up dust and dirt.

2. Sort and organize all the closets

After having done the deep cleaning, which included an interior cleaning of shelves and cabinets, it’s time to order and reorganize all the cabinets in the house, from those in the kitchen to those in the bedrooms. Think carefully about what things you need to have more at hand, which ones may occupy less accessible spaces and of course, the ones that are not used and you can get rid of them.

3. And get rid of those objects that we do not need!

And that’s precisely what will lead you to this next step of your decorating purposes. Throwing away things that are broken, donating those that can still be used to give them a new life or giving some others to close ones that you know they will be excited about is an absolutely necessary exercise and very liberating!

4. Keep the house always tidy and make it your favorite place in the world!

Because having a house is not the same as a home, there are small details that will make yours the most magical and special place in the world. Put an incense that you like, some candles in your favorite corners, beautiful photos of special moments, create a special space to go to when you are sad and treat yourself from time to time by buying some beautiful decoration detail. Your house has to be a reflection of your personality, so make it your favorite place in the world and you will feel that your decoration purposes for this year have been worth it!


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