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Mediterranean Style: The Ideal Decoration For Your Beach House

There is no doubt that of all those that exist, the Mediterranean style decoration is one of our favorites. And not only because it is very „ours“ but because it is one of the most successful when it comes to thinking about our dream beach house. Pure colors such as white and blue and warm colors such as beige and earth blend with light fabrics such as linen and cotton, with materials such as wood and smooth walls, and with minority but very successful decorative objects. In short, a non-overloaded style that invites tranquility, relaxation and freshness without elements that disturb or „muddy“ our well-deserved vacation days.

For this reason and because we know that, once you have bought your home in Oliva Nova, the most important step – and the one that is most exciting, especially for decoration lovers – is to condition it to enjoy it 100%, we bring you the Mediterranean style decoration keys to encourage you to include it in your beach house.

A style that adapts to all homes

Whether your house on the shores of the Mediterranean is modern and minimalist in style or if you decide on a more classic home, one of the main characteristics of the Mediterranean style of decoration is how easy it fits and adapts to any construction. The only requirements that this type of style needs are light and white walls. The rest of the elements will blend in with the environment of the house in a very natural way.

The importance of colors in Mediterranean style decoration

As we had already mentioned before, the chromatic variety of this decorative style is, although limited, very successful. The combination of colors such as blue, white and earth tones represent the nature of the Mediterranean and coastal environment – sand, sea, sky – that make our house an extension of everything we live outside of it.

Introduce elements made with natural fibers

Wicker, rattan, jute and even bamboo are the main natural fibers of which many furniture and decorative accessories are composed that will undoubtedly give the final touch to your house on the beach. Introduce it in lamps, decoration accessories, ornaments and even textiles such as carpets and cushions. The result will be a harmonious composition of the freshest and most aesthetic colors and textures.

Make your terrace the most special place in the house

With a wonderful climate almost all year round that is the envy of the rest of the neighboring communities (and countries), the plans on the shores of the Mediterranean tend to be outdoors almost always and inside the house, having a terrace where you can always be in contact with the outside and the open air is something almost fundamental. Therefore, if your home on the beach has a terrace, outdoor patio or garden, make it one of the most pleasant places in your house. How? Very simple: with beautiful but also comfortable decorative elements that are pleasant to the touch and to the eye! Loungers for sunbathing or lying down, chairs for breakfast, lunch and dinner, green spaces… Everything adds up and without a doubt you will make your terrace the place you never want to leave!

And don’t forget about any room!

Corridors, kitchen and even bathrooms. For a house to be a truly Mediterranean style decoration house, it has to overflow with that feeling from the ceiling to the floor without neglecting any room in the house, even if it is the least traveled. In the kitchen, for example, do not forget to include wooden jars, blank brass jugs and cups with maritime motifs.

The result? A house on the beach worthy of appearing in the most prestigious decoration magazines and that will undoubtedly become your favorite place in the world!


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