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What light points do you need at home? Keys to lighting and saving in your property

Creating environments, enhancing dark spots, increasing sensations and taking advantage of different areas are some of the benefits and characteristics that light creates in our day to day. Therefore, learning to optimize its functions and qualities are a fundamental requirement to make your home the perfect place both day and night knowing how to light your house. This also taking into account the expense involved and looking to save on the electricity bill are the key points that we are going to tell you so that you know which are the best bulbs and make a lighting set-up the most profitable!

Saving on the electricity bill

The color temperature in the light emitted in a light bulb is Kelvin degrees (k). The more K degrees a bulb has, the whiter the light it emits and the more yellow and warm it is, it means that it has less K. Based on this, we will distinguish between warm, cold and in a medium term, neutral light.

On the other hand, power is measured in watts (W), which is a measure, as we said, of power and not of luminosity. That is, no matter how much W has a light bulb, it does not mean that it will illuminate more.

Finally, the lumen is the measure that serves to quantify the luminous flux, that is, the total capacity of a bulb to be able to illuminate. And finally, the lux is the unit that measures an amount of light at a specific point.

Having explained this, it is convenient to know that in order to save on the electricity bill, factors such as the type of bulb, its power, size and also distribution inside the house will influence to spend more or less.

Therefore, optimizing the function of light in every corner of the house, the use that is given to each room and the activities that take place within it is essential to create the right space in order to know how to illuminate your house to save and optimize.

Lighting up the bedroom

The normal thing when lighting a bedroom is to place the bulb in the central area to illuminate the entire room equally. However, not all homes have to have the light point in the same place or, for an aesthetic reason, you prefer to place different points distributed in certain areas. This, in addition to giving a greater luminosity to the room, will create a warmer and more cozy atmosphere being able to turn on and off light points as appropriate.

If so, in addition to placing LED bulbs, you can opt for these to be smart bulbs that are controlled through apps so you can use them without having to get out of bed.

Lighting up the bathroom

iluminar cuarto de baño

Another of the most important areas to take into account if you want to know how to illuminate your house optimally is the bathroom. Due to its daily use and usefulness, the entire space should be well lit, with special emphasis on the area of the bathtub or shower and that of the sink. One of the smartest options is to place an extra light point just above the main mirror with an on/off switch independent of the central light so as not to generate an extra expense if the sink area is not going to be used.

And the living room!

iluminar salón

Apart from natural light, when you are going to think about how to illuminate your living room in the best possible way, you have to focus on those moments of the day when natural light no longer enters and on the things that we usually do in it at those hours. Watching TV, reading, working … Once you have defined this concept, you will be able to know which are those areas that require more artificial light either with ceiling lamps, wall sconces or standing lamps. The best thing is to bet on placing LED lights on the perimeter of the living room so that they illuminate the whole set in a general way and then place strategic points of light in the dining area, the reading armchair and even on some painting or special decorative element.


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