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Keys to make your home more sustainable

A sustainable and respectful house whose life inside it generates the least impact on the environment is one of the purposes that more and more homeowners carry out to contribute their bit to the care of our planet. Do you want to know how you can contribute to making your CHG home as sustainable as possible? Keep reading!

How to turn your home into a sustainable house

Switch to a system of “smart house”

With a system of “smart house” a multitude of elements can be controlled that usually promote the saving of the main elements necessary for day-to-day life in a sustainable home: this is heating, electricity and water. But, in addition to being an economic advantage, by being able to adjust and set specific hours of use, and programmed on and off, it helps to avoid waste, which encourages the improvement of the environment against radiation and climate changes.

Join the energy saving

Another of the keys to achieving a sustainable home is to be more aware of the use we make of certain devices improperly. Leaving bedside lights on, mobile chargers plugged in without charging any device with them, fans running when no one is around, music devices on… these and many other cases are part of the so-called „energy vampires“ that, in addition to spending extra on the bill, influence the deterioration of the environment. Being aware of this and paying special attention to not leaving anything unnecessary on will make your home a much better place.

Don’t waste water

ahorro agua

Water is one of the most commonly wasted resources and, as we have seen and read countless times, every drop counts. Therefore, it is advisable not to waste water when showering, washing our hands or washing the dishes. Turning off the tap when we are shampooing, brushing our teeth and trying to reuse, for example, rainwater to water plants with buckets are some of the small routines that we can establish in our day to day. Another possibility is to install aerators in the faucets that mix water with air reducing their consumption by up to 50%.

Reuse and restore

When it comes to furnishing your home or renovating a room, vintage and second-hand stores are also a sustainable option, very special to find unique furniture to give a second life. You can restore them, paint them or leave them as you buy them since currently the second-hand market in our country is booming and there are many pieces that can be found in perfect condition, even finding very exclusive items at extremely interesting prices.

The more natural the light, the better!

We already know that natural light is one of the most precious assets in any house and, although in Oliva Nova we enjoy sunny weather almost 365 days a year and a unique brightness, the same does not happen in other areas of the peninsula. Whether due to the climate of the place or the characteristics of the house, such as those located in the center of very inhabited cities where some buildings take away light from those next door, not all houses can take 100% advantage of the natural light resource until it gets dark as if it happens in the coastal and beach areas and Mediterranean climate such as Oliva. Therefore, taking advantage of the resources we have at our disposal that are sometimes replaced ahead of time by artificial ones is essential: opening blinds, raising curtains, not having any furniture in front of windows that block the entry of light, if possible, putting a skylight or velux on the ceiling so that light enters directly into the room and even painting the walls white to bring more light to the environment are some of the tricks that you can try to do in your home to use artificial lamps and lights as little as possible. And when is it necessary? Always LED bulbs!

And insulate floors, ceilings and walls!

Although this action is the most expensive, it is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment to achieve a much more efficient home since your savings on the electricity bill is extremely important. In addition, natural materials can be used to insulate it, such as wood fiber or mineral foam. This will mean that heating in winter and air conditioning in summer are used much less, as well as insulating your home from noise if you choose to put double-glazed windows.

Undoubtedly, some actions that are worthwhile in the short, medium and long term and that will make your home and life within it a much more respectful, harmonious place and in tune with the planet!


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