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Lighting tips to get a brighter home

One of the things we look for the most when we acquire a new home is light. That the spaces are spacious and bright is key to finding peace in our own home. CHG’s homes are designed precisely to receive light at all times. But still there are little tricks that can help to maximize the light and give a different feeling to any room. Let’s know them!

A bright house has its tricks

At the end of the day what we look for in a house is light. That is so and here are some tips that will help you get the space you’ve always wanted.

Take advantage of the windows

Windows are key to receiving natural light. So do not put furniture nearby that can get in the way of light.

Bet all on white

The color we choose both for the walls and to decorate the rooms should be light (preferably white). This is the one that most enhances the light and will also give a feeling of harmony and order to any corner of the house. That said, it’s not that the other colors are banned. In fact you can play with them to create contrasts but always keep a clear base.

The power of mirrors

In addition to visually expanding any space, mirrors project light naturally and without the need to make any extra effort. Therefore, before decorating any space, study well how many mirrors to put and where to place them.

Decorate with glass

Materials such as glass help to generate more light from room to room. That is why everything that is doors and some other wall is interesting to make them of glass.

Flowing draperies

Watch out for the curtains! We want them to minimize the light at certain times of the day but not remove it completely. It is best to talk to a professional who recommends materials.

Light floors

In addition to the walls and furniture that we’ve mentioned before, interior designers also recommend betting on light floors and give that feeling of light. If this is not possible, carpets are good allies for this.

These are the six tips with which you will get a bright and harmonious house.


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