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The most valuable aspects in a property

When buying a home, whether as a first or second residence or as an investment, there are certain aspects and characteristics to take into account for potential buyers and/or future tenants. The built surface, location, accessibility and qualities are some of them but there are more. Discover all these valuable aspects to buy a home.

The importance of location

Where the house is located will be one of the most important factors when assessing the whole of the property, calculating its purchase and/or sale price and enhancing its attractiveness. Such is the case, that a large house in a location with little value will be much more affordable than one with many fewer square meters that however is located in a preferred area. In fact, in large cities in general and within them, in the central and privileged areas, the prices are much higher than in other areas of the periphery.

Communication and accessibility

Another aspect that plays an extremely important role when purchasing a home is the logistics that surrounds it, that is, the communication that it has with the necessary services for day to day and its accessibility. Roads, transports, bus stops and lines flow, the metro, train stations or road condition are some of the most valued requirements.

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The nearby services

As important as accessibility, are the services that are close to the house and its neighborhood: supermarkets, shopping centers, medical centers, catering offer, kindergartens and schools…. All this will make the house acquire a greater attractiveness by being located near all these necessary services for the day-to-day of any family member.

The orientation

Although a priori this is not an aspect that everyone takes into account when buying or visiting a home, the truth is that orientation to the sun saves a lot on heating and artificial light and makes the house, being brighter, be much nicer. For this reason, in cases where there are several homes for sale within the same development, the first to be sold or the most desired are those facing east.

The views

Although this may be a more complicated requirement to achieve in certain areas, the truth is that, when we dream, the ideal is for our home to have the most beautiful and pleasant views possible. It is not the same as the window of the living room facing a park, a meadow or a mountain, a quiet street or the sea than a very busy or aesthetically uncared for one.

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Availability and the law of supply and demand

How many properties like the one you are looking for – or selling – are available in the area? If there are few, the sale value of the house will be higher as there are people interested in getting a house that can only take one and therefore, this deficit will be an added value. If, on the contrary, there are many similar properties for sale, the sale price should be more competitive.

In the same way, if the house is optimal, has unique qualities and can even be considered exclusive but for whatever reason there is no one interested in buying it, its value will have to be lower.

Size and quality of the property

Last but not least, another of the valuable aspects to buy a home and that will make the difference in its value will be both its built meters, habitable meters and useful meters as well as the qualities of them. It is not the same to acquire a house to move into it as to buy one that will need a significant investment in reforms and that must be taken into account as associated costs for the potential buyer.

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After this brief review of the most important points when buying a home, there is no doubt that they meet all these requirements in the most interesting and attractive way: a unique location on the shores of the Mediterranean, unbeatable views, first-class communication and services or exceptional qualities and finishes are just some of the characteristics of the homes that you will be able to find in Oliva Nova.


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