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Advantages of buying a house with an open kitchen

As one of the main nerve centers of a house, the kitchen is a space for meeting, activity and, why not, fun within a home, don’t you think? Whether due to the quarantine, which forced us to spend more time than we should at home, or due to the revolution that the world of gastronomy has had in recent years, the kitchen has become one of the most important spaces within a housing and therefore we must ask ourselves: what is the ideal kitchen like? open or closed?

The open kitchen, also known as integrated or open concept, refers to an architectural design in which the kitchen is partially exposed to other spaces. Typically, these spaces are usually the living room or dining room, other key gathering areas within a home. Now, when buying a home you have to take into account the pros and cons of choosing an open kitchen and we, supporters of spaciousness, will explain some of the advantages that an open kitchen has (and will have) in your new home. living place. Take note!

Feeling of spaciousness

If you have a small kitchen, the fact that it is arranged openly will create a feeling of greater spaciousness in the home. By dispensing with partitions or dividing walls and merging the rooms, the various rooms appear larger.

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Greater luminosity

Open kitchens usually have much more luminosity since by eliminating partitions, the light flows without obstacles allowing it to reach all corners of the house. In this way, in addition to gaining luminosity, you will also save on energy since you will be able to make more use of natural light. The result? A cozier feeling while spending much less.

Communication with the whole family

Open kitchens also have a positive point in that they encourage and facilitate interaction between those who are in the kitchen and those who are in other areas of the house, such as the living room or dining room. This fosters a more social and family atmosphere in a house and of course, allows us to enjoy one of our greatest pleasures together: gastronomy.


Better ventilation

The fact of unifying spaces such as the kitchen greatly favors the generation of currents and therefore the ventilation of the space. Furthermore, the kitchen is usually next to the living room, an area that almost always has windows and therefore, air circulation is much greater… A key aspect!

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