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5 perfect plans to enjoy in Oliva Nova

The holidays are just around the corner and Oliva Nova is the ideal place to spend them with family, as a couple or with friends. And it has everything you need to forget about everything and recharge your batteries. Have you already reserved a few days to come to this wonderful area of the Costa…

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If you like golf, this is the residential area where you will like to live

For all those who enjoy sports, Oliva Nova offers a wide variety of activities without having to leave the Resort, specifically for those who love golf. If you are passionate about golf, you will know that Oliva Nova has one of the best courses on the Costa Blanca. Designed by Severiano Ballesteros and with an…

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tendencias dormitorio

The summer trends you need to renew your bedroom

Do you want to give a different touch to your bedroom now that the temperatures have risen? Preparing your bedroom for the season is a way to refresh and renew your space for the warm season. Choose paint, wallpaper, custom furniture and quirky details such as paintings, bedding, lamps or armchairs that give them character.…

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Travel to Tuscany thanks to the Italian restaurant of Oliva Nova-

If you are a lover of Italian gastronomy, Oliva Nova has the perfect destination and perfect place for you to enjoy it without having to leave the country and also in an enviable location. We are talking about Don Giacomo, an Italian restaurant in Oliva Nova, specifically in La Plaza, where you will immediately be…

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CHG villas perfect for the whole family

Are you looking for your vacation? Do you need a larger space to enjoy the summer? For any questions related to family villas, CHG has an answer. And if you are thinking of spending your holidays at CHG, the time has come. A unique, unforgettable and truly relaxing holiday in what will become your favorite…

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Kitchen trends for this spring-summer

The nostalgic touch has taken over home trends, especially in the kitchen, where the decorative details and the structure itself are filled with a renewed retro charm. A clear example is the resurgence of color in furniture, countertops and walls, with green being the star tone of the season. From interior designers to decoration firms,…

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Regala una experiencia en Oliva Nova en el Día de la Madre

Queda muy poco para el Día de la Madre y, ¿aún no has pensado en su regalo? Una madre es una persona muy especial en nuestra vida, por lo que debemos regalarle algo a su altura. Y, a nosotros, se nos ocurre que este año podrías obsequiarle con experiencias, y qué mejor que las opciones…

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All the keys to having a cozy and relaxing home

We feel more and more eager to pause the pace and make our home and the environment in which we live a haven of peace. Our home becomes much more than a simple refuge; It is the place where we reconnect with our loved ones and find peace after long days of work. Therefore, it…

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villas costa blanca

Enjoy the Villas Costa Blanca on the May long weekend

With panoramic views of impressive landscapes and surrounded by nature, the Costa Blanca Villas are the perfect place to relax and enjoy life. Attention to detail in every aspect of construction, from selecting the best materials to planning the layout of the rooms, ensures that each villa is an exclusive and private retreat. Residents can…

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