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The Mediterranean style falls in love, incorporate it into your home!

Who has not been captivated by the charm of the Mediterranean style in decoration and interior design? This aesthetic has the power to awaken passions in those who admire it and experience it up close, thanks to its astonishing simplicity and authenticity. The Mediterranean style brings a feeling of lightness to the space that few styles can match, while at the same time infusing rooms with incomparable strength and personality. It results in interiors in which you feel the calm of the holidays, the smell of the sea, the light of the coast, and all with a few simple tips to take home. Although we can’t precisely define what makes this aesthetic so captivating, one thing is certain: it never goes unnoticed.

White everywhere

You probably already know this, but if there is something that defines this style, it is white. Indoors and outdoors, walls and furniture are dressed in this color, infusing a distinctive lightness and feeling of spaciousness. This emphasis on white highlights the simplicity and freshness that characterizes the Mediterranean aesthetic. In addition to its impeccable aesthetics, white plays a practical role in daily Mediterranean life. As it is a color that reflects light, it helps keep spaces cool and pleasant even on the hottest days.

The colors of nature

Although white reigns supreme in the color palette of Mediterranean homes, this does not mean that it is the only protagonist. In fact, the inclusion of tones inspired by nature is valued to achieve an organic and harmonious appearance. Blue, for example, displays its presence in a notable way in Mediterranean decoration, taking inspiration from the sea and the coastal environment. This tone blends perfectly with white, evoking the freshness and serenity of the ocean.

Another great protagonist is light

It is essential to make the most of natural light to achieve the desired atmosphere. While white plays a crucial role in this goal, having well-placed windows, strategic arches, and other architectural elements that encourage natural light is equally important.

Long live simplicity

Avoid extravagant combinations. Don’t clutter the space with unnecessary furniture and accessories. Your Mediterranean home does not require excess. The key to this style lies in simplicity and naturalness. Less is more. Keep this principle in mind and let the simple and authentic details speak for themselves, creating a harmonious and welcoming environment that reflects the very essence of the Mediterranean.

Natural materials

Wood and stone are essential elements on the walls, floors and even in the furniture of your Mediterranean home. Combined with natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wicker in the decoration, they become your great allies to create that feeling of lightness and calm so characteristic of summer. These materials add texture and warmth to your spaces, inviting you to enjoy the serenity and freshness that the Mediterranean coast inspires.


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