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The best plans for Valentine’s Day

The idea of ​​dedicating a special day to celebrating our love fills us with excitement, and early planning allows us to imagine and create extraordinary moments together. February 14, Valentine’s Day, always generates controversy. There are those who love this date and those who hate it. If you are one of the first, this topic will interest you because we are going to tell you several very original plans to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with which you will leave your partner amazed. Grab a pen and paper and take note of these plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day because with all these ideas you will eat, drink, experiment and love for a few hours like never before. From intimate dinners at home to romantic weekend getaways, there are endless possibilities for creating special moments with your loved one.

A wine tasting

On Valentine’s Day, what better way to celebrate love than to immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience? Opting for a wine tasting with your partner is a great option. Select a special place for the wine tasting. It could be a local winery, a picturesque vineyard, or even the comfort of your home. Many wineries offer special events for this special day, providing a unique and romantic experience.

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A wellness experience

An option that never fails is to take advantage of Valentine’s Day to plan a getaway of absolute relaxation. Taking care of yourself, disconnecting and spending time relaxing as a couple should be a priority and at CHG we have the perfect destination to do it: Oliva Nova Wellness Spa. Enjoy a bath in the thermal pool, relax in the jacuzzi, Turkish baths… Don’t you think it’s a great plan to spend the day with your partner?

Oliva Nova wellness

Gastronomic experience

Nothing like giving yourself a good tribute and ending with a good after-dinner meal. Tasting dishes prepared in a special atmosphere is something that is priceless when gastronomy is one of the hobbies of lovers par excellence. In Oliva Nova there are many restaurants to enjoy a plan like this.

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Valentine’s Day at home

What do you think about changing material gifts for details made by you? We assure you that this will never be forgotten. Our proposal? May your Valentine’s Day at home be quite an experience. Who doesn’t like to wake up and find a delicious breakfast at the foot of the bed? Make this Valentine’s Day start in the best way by preparing it for that person you love so much.

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