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Goodbye Blue Monday, improve the saddest days of the year

Just beginning the new year 2024, we have passed the day that is considered the saddest, most pessimistic and depressing of the year, that is, the famous ‘Blue Monday’. Every third Monday of the year we face this date on the calendar that, far from celebrating, becomes a challenge to overcome since it is not usually limited to one day, but rather an entire week of “downturn.”

Knowing that these days are becoming difficult, we propose several plans or tips to successfully overcome (and optimism) what is possibly the most saddening week of 2024. To tell it you have to live it and therefore, we explain where it comes from. The term and origin of ‘Blue Monday’ comes from and of course, how to beat it. Take note!

Mejorar Blue Monday

What is it and what is the origin of ‘Blue Monday’?

In itself, Mondays are hard for all mortals, however, it is proven that this third Monday of the year is the most complicated of all. To know the origin of this expression we must go back to 2005 when Professor Cliff Arnall, an expert in motivation at Cardiff University, used this term to refer to a mathematical formula. Now, what formula is this? Neither more nor less than the one that determines the saddest day of the year: the third Monday of the year.

Why that term?

According to color psychology, ‘Blue Monday’ is associated with blue, a color that denotes passivity, pessimism, sadness and apathy. In this way, ‘Blue Monday’ is a most appropriate term for this day and, above all, to describe our state of mind.

How to improve the saddest week of the year? Plan a trip

In these “down” days, one of the best ways to motivate yourself is to plan a trip or getaway. Whether as a family, as a couple or with friends, say goodbye to the sadness of ‘Good Monday’ by visualizing an upcoming experience of disconnection. Are you from the beach? Take a look at all the plans offered by Oliva Nova and spend a few days near the sea. Blue Monday will be history!

Planea un viaje

Prepare a special dinner

If the saddest Monday of the year was hard and you drag it all week, it’s time to remedy it and enjoy a little moment with the people you love. How about preparing a special dinner? Choose an unconventional menu, prepare a beautiful table and enjoy the after-dinner meal… you will see the week with different eyes.

Cena especial


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