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Tips for decorating a small house

Are you worried that your house is too small? Don’t panic, space is relative as long as you know how to distribute it and, above all, how to decorate it. With the aim of making your home look and convey the feeling of being much larger than it is, at CHG we reveal the definitive guide of tips to decorate a small house successfully.

From the colors and materials, to the distribution of the furniture itself, the ‘deco’ world is also at the service of those of us who live in small spaces. Take note and make your home look as spacious as possible, it’s easier than it seems!

Paint the walls the right way

Paint is a smart way to change the perception of space in a house and that is why you have to pay attention to both the color and the way in which it is applied. Light colors tend to make a space appear larger, while dark colors give the sensation that the walls of the cabin are closing in on us, making it appear much smaller. In this way, we advise you to paint your house in light colors and if you can, do it on the frames and moldings if you have them since it also gives the feeling of having more space.


Opt for ‘multipurpose’ furniture

From the bed with a trundle to the tables with storage, furniture with various uses is one of the most effective resources for small houses. Take advantage of them and decorate with them while getting the most out of them.

Cama nido

Mirrors, your best allies

When it comes to creating a sensation of depth, there is no better ally than a good mirror. Capable of creating true magic, strategically placed mirrors can make your home much more spacious thanks to the feeling of depth they generate visually. If you also place them according to natural light, the results will be impressive.


Take advantage of every corner

Sometimes we don’t realize it and we have wasted spaces in our own home that could become very useful corners. For example, the window sill could become a small reading space, the kitchen counter into a small breakfast table, or the gap between two pieces of furniture a custom desk.



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