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Oliva Nova Wellness Spa, the best place to relax

After a month of excess, countless lunches and dinners and a lot of Christmas hustle and bustle, we are entering the best time of the year to plan a getaway of absolute relaxation. Taking care of yourself, disconnecting and taking time for yourself should be a priority and at CHG we have the perfect destination to do it: Oliva Nova Wellness Spa.

Due to its facilities, its location and all its services, Oliva Nova Wellness Spa is the ideal place for a getaway as a couple, a family trip or an adventure with friends. Do you want to know why? We tell you everything…

A total (and different) wellness experience

We know that a tourist plan, a getaway to the beach and even to the mountains are safe bets, however, they are not as pleasant or relaxing as the plan that we propose in Oliva Nova. A bath in the thermal pool, enjoying the jacuzzi, Turkish baths, plein flood… Water can become the protagonist of a unique experience in which both your body and your mind will thank you. Don’t you think it’s a good alternative?

Oliva Nova wellness

Endless physical benefits

As recommended by professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists and even psychologists, a complete spa circuit is immensely beneficial for your body, whether you have any physical ailment or not. The circuits that combine hydrotherapy with temperature contrasts thanks to the mixed Finnish sauna, the exclusive sauna for women, the Turkish bath, the contrast shower, the cube shower and the footbath with pebbles are an absolute marvel and their effects, too…It relieves muscle ailments, prevents hypertension, deeply hydrates the skin, combats respiratory problems… What are you waiting for to book this experience?


A much needed mental therapy

In addition to the benefits on a physical level, the spa also has countless positive factors on a mental level and is an ideal place to relax and easily disconnect from the problems that are going on in our heads. In addition, it has been proven that spas help decisively combat anxiety, reduce stress and promote emotional balance.


Health, beauty, well-being, relaxation… Do you need any more reason to visit Oliva Nova Wellness Spa?

Oliva Nova



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