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These are the tips for keeping warm at home.

By October, we have forgotten about air conditioning, the long hot days, and, of course, the summer vacations. That’s why we are looking forward to the upcoming winter. Whether you have a heating system at home or not, you should know that there are many ways to ensure that the warmth is preserved more effectively within your home. To keep your bills from giving you sleepless nights and, of course, to adopt much more sustainable habits, we’ll share several tricks for conserving heat at home.

Trucos para conservar el calor

Stop the cold from entering

Trucos calor ventana

One of the most commonly used tricks, both for preserving heat at home and for preventing the cold from entering, is using silicone or rubber seals on windows and doors. With this simple and homemade solution, you can save up to 15% on household energy consumption.

Dress the floor of the house


If we talk about homemade tricks we cannot forget to mention rugs since, while they insulate from the cold, they are also very decorative. The most recommended and effective? Those with long hair or fabrics like wool, super effective against the cold!

Make the most of the hours of sunshine

Sol en casa

The rise and retreat of the sun is a key factor when it comes to regulating the temperature at home. It’s very simple: take advantage of the hours of sunshine to raise the windows and thus, your house will absorb heat for the rest of the day. However, when this goes away you must lower them to reduce the entry of cold.

Choose the right home textiles

Textiles de hogar

Another very simple trick or factor to take into account in winter is textiles. Beyond carpets, curtains are decisive in terms of the level of cold that enters the home. The best? curtains made of thick fabric such as wool and even those with a thermal lining.


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