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The best getaways for this fall

Thinking about your next fall getaways? We know it is and therefore, we want to give you some ideas that will surely inspire your planning this season. Whether you are from the sea or mountains, or if you belong to that sector of the population that loves homemade plans, autumn is the perfect time to take a getaway. The months of October and November, in addition to being the bridge between summer and Christmas, are also that period in which the temperature, neither too high nor too low, accompanies and motivates us to make different plans. If you are tired of always resorting to the same destinations, we will tell you and inspire you to make the most of your next getaway, take note!

A beach weekend in Oliva Nova

Oliva Nova destino

Just because summer is over does not mean that we have to give up enjoying the sea, quite the opposite. Dénia beach, which surrounds the Oliva Nova complex, is an ideal autumn destination to go with children, as a couple or with friends. From long walks along its kilometer-long beach, to activities and sports such as golf or paddle tennis, at the Oliva Nova facilities you can make the most of an autumn weekend.

Escape to the mountains

escapadas otoño sierra

Like comparing day and night, summer and winter or cold and heat, if we talk about the beach we have to also talk about the mountains. Regardless of where you live on the map, escaping to the nearest mountain range is one of the plans that can offer you the most options (and benefits). A rural accommodation is ideal to disconnect and recharge your energy in the middle of nature and of course, to take advantage of all the possibilities that the mountainous areas of our country offer us. Depending on your desires, start taking a look at the routes, sports and experiences that you can do in your next rural destination. What are you waiting for?

Plan a cultural weekend

escapadas otoño granada

Lover of art and culture? If our country is rich in something, above many aspects, it is in heritage. From small rural towns full of monuments and history, to capitals with large museums like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​through essential destinations like Granada, investing a weekend in culture can be one of the best plans for this fall. Take a look at the national cultural offering, soak up our art and make the most of your weekend getaway.


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