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Keys to making your home more efficient and sustainable

Living in a sustainable home is much more than just a trend; It is a change of mentality that is gaining ground in our contemporary society. This philosophy encompasses not only the construction of homes, but also the lifestyle and daily decisions of people concerned about the environment. From the choice of sustainable building materials to the implementation of renewable energy systems, such as solar panels or Rainwater harvesting systems, every aspect of a sustainable home is carefully designed to minimize its ecological footprint.

Materials with second life

Choosing materials to give them a second life is a fundamental practice in the search for sustainability and waste reduction. By choosing to reuse materials instead of throwing them away, you not only prevent them from ending up in landfills, but you also reduce the need to extract and produce new resources, which in turn decreases the environmental impact associated with extracting and manufacturing materials. new.

Join the energy savings

Another key to having a sustainable home is to be more aware of the improper use we make of certain devices. Leaving bedside lights on, cell phone chargers plugged in without charging any device with them, fans running when no one is there, music players on… these and many other cases are part of the so-called “vampire expenses” that, in addition to an extra expense on the bill, influence the deterioration of the environment. Becoming aware of this and paying special attention to not leaving anything unnecessary on will make your home a much better place.

Long live natural light

We already know that natural light is one of the most precious assets in any home and, although in Oliva Nova we enjoy sunny weather almost 365 days a year and a unique luminosity, the same does not happen in other areas of the peninsula. Whether due to the local climate or the characteristics of the home, such as those located in the center of highly populated cities where some buildings block light from those next door, not all houses can take full advantage of the resource. of natural light until it becomes night as it happens in coastal and beach areas and Mediterranean climate like Oliva. Therefore, taking advantage of the resources we have at our disposal, which are sometimes replaced prematurely by artificial ones, is essential: opening blinds, raising curtains, not having any furniture in front of windows that blocks the entry of light…

Switch to home automation technology

With home automation technology, you can control a multitude of elements that usually encourage saving the main elements necessary for daily life in a sustainable home: this is fuel, electricity and water. But, in addition to being an economic advantage, by being able to adjust and establish specific hours of use, and programmed on and off, it helps to avoid waste, which encourages the improvement of the environment against radiation and climate changes.

Without a doubt, actions that are worthwhile in the short, medium and long term and that will make your home and the life within it a much more respectful, harmonious and in tune with the planet!


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