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Decoration trends for spring 2024

With the arrival of spring, our home transforms into a reflection of the season. The bright colors, natural textures and fresh decorative elements invite us to renew the environment. It is the perfect time to introduce touches of color, light materials and decorative elements that evoke nature, thus creating a space full of vitality and freshness. If you are one of those people who, with the arrival of a new season, feel that uncontrollable urge to give a new look to your home, you are in luck. This year, there are a number of trends that are making waves in homes, offering fresh and modern options to refresh your space with style.

Pastel colors

This spring, the range of light and pastel colors will set the trend, colors that provide warmth, serenity and elegance to spaces. A living room could be decorated with a soft sky blue sofa, mint green pillows, and decorative accents in terracotta tones to add warmth.

Bold prints

Textiles are always a good starting point, it can be surprising how much a space can change. To add that spring touch to the space, it is key to include new printed cushions, starring the colors of the season and combining them with different textures.

Natural materials and shapes

To create experiential spaces through the combination of shapes and textures. Materials with personality, generally with original textures to provide visual richness and invite you to touch and feel them, creating a sensory experience. The ones that will stand out will be the high contrast marble, Tyrolean plaster, terracotta, oak and metallic accents, to create the perfect contrast.

Flowers and more flowers

With the arrival of spring, flowers burst into the latest decoration trends. They invade our homes to fill any corner with color and joy. Regarding floral decorations and plants, it is important to decorate the rooms with these elements.

The importance of natural light

It is best to choose to dress the window with light textiles, such as linen or cotton, in light colors. The importance of taking advantage of the natural light that this new season offers us. The secret to bringing spring home is to use curtains that allow light to pass through, so that it can illuminate the space and make it more open. They can be complemented with strategically placed mirrors to reflect light.


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