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Water sports, the ideal plan to have fun this summer

When summer comes, being in the water becomes our favorite plan. And this year we’re more eager than ever to spend hours and hours soaking. But there are a lot of options to keep us from getting tired of this great plan. How? By making it really fun. And that’s where water sports come in. We are going to tell you what you can do in our beloved Mediterranean Sea.

5 water sports to practice on the Costa Blanca


Beach and sea are not only synonymous with long hours on our sunbed, there are also many activities we can do when the sun is hot. Kayaking is one of them. It is a long and narrow canoe for one to four crew members to paddle, so it is an ideal exercise for the arms.

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Kitesurfing consists of sailing on a surfboard powered by a kite that moves thanks to the wind. This is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult sports since with it we do both aerobic and anaerobic exercise and we work countless muscles (especially those in the upper part). It also has multiple benefits such as increased flexibility and concentration or the release of adrenaline and decreased stress.

Kite Surf

Paddle Surfing

Paddle surfing is one of the most popular water sports in recent times. Standing up on a board, we must paddle with an oar using the strength of our arms accompanying it with a movement of the torso noting how the muscles of both the torso and the legs are working in the same direction as the arms. Without a doubt, it’s great to exercise while having fun.

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Jet Sky

Jet skiing is pure adrenaline. If you like speed, this is a sport you’ll love. Besides, you can practice it alone or accompanied by what is perfect for all needs. Do not hesitate and dare, on the Costa Blanca you have several points where you can rent it and sail the sea with it.

Moto acuática


Can you imagine diving into the depths of the sea and discovering the secrets it holds? The Mediterranean is a perfect place for that. But unless you go snorkeling (which is another wonderful option to enjoy the sea), you should do this with professionals if you have never done it before. Our recommendation is that you sign up for one of the classes that are many along the Costa Blanca.

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Which of these water sports are you signing up for this summer? Whatever it is, in Oliva Nova and its surroundings you can practice the one that you feel like the most.


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