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Oliva Nova, the perfect destination for the December long weekend

If we talk about winter and of course, that magical pre-Christmas time, we cannot fail to mention the December long weekend or rather, the Constitution long weekend. Whether due to the change of season and the onset of winter, the Christmas feeling that begins to take over us or the need to disconnect after the summer holidays, the December long weekend is one of the most anticipated of the year. If you have the opportunity to get away and you don’t know where, don’t worry, at CHG we have the ideal destination to make the most of this bridge: Oliva Nova.

Now, even though we can’t wear a swimsuit at this time of year, Oliva Nova is an ideal place to disconnect and gain enough energy to finish the year thanks to many reasons… we’ll tell you about them!

Oliva Nova puente

Its enviable climate

Characterized by mild temperatures and the low probability of rain, Oliva Nova’s climate is one of those factors that captivates everyone who visits us and, of course, motivates them to return. This way, even if you can’t take a dip, you can enjoy the sea from the shore with long walks, a good picnic and even enjoying a delicious paella on a terrace. Beyond the weather conditions, which will allow you to enjoy the resort’s surroundings, Oliva Nova has many other offers that will make your December getaway, to say the least, unforgettable.

Atardecer Oliva Nova

A paradise for golf lovers

In case you didn’t know, at Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel we have one of the best golf courses on the Costa Blanca thanks to its privileged location and the impressive landscape that surrounds it. In addition, the course offers an incomparable playing experience thanks to its design and facilities that are available to all players. All this makes this course an ideal choice for those who love golf.

A gastronomic jewel

Oliva Nova gastronomía

Gastronomy is an essential part of the Oliva Nova experience. Unique flavors, a wide variety and the freshest and most natural products typical of the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition. From seafood to incredible rice dishes, at our resort you can disconnect and also enjoy through your palate.



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