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Tips to achieve autumn decoration in your home

Autumn has arrived and with it, the opportunity to give your home a different touch, highlighting its warm and cozy side in line with this magical time of year. Now, giving your house a new look and opting for autumn decoration is easier than you think, that is, it is not necessary to completely change the decoration of your house but rather pay attention to some small details.

At CHG we are going to show you that with some decorative changes, your home can take on a new look and above all, super autumnal! Take note, transform it in the right way and turn the rooms of your house into a very cozy refuge.

Let your home smell like autumn

Although it is only sensory, the smell of your home is very important to create the atmosphere you are looking for and in autumn, even more so. Cinnamon, apple, vanilla, pumpkin and even orange fragrances are ideal for this time of year and are also very easy to obtain. Use scented candles, air fresheners and even create a homemade fragrance by boiling water with orange, cloves, cable… you will love it!

Velas perfumadas

Bet on warm colors

The autumn color palette includes warm colors such as browns and earths, oranges or intense reds. To achieve autumn decoration, it is key to incorporate these colors into your home through accessories such as cushions, decorative elements or textiles such as blankets and curtains. This will help create a feeling of warmth in your home.

Deco cálida

Choose to give textures a twist

To achieve a cozy and autumnal atmosphere at home, it is very important to choose the right textures. Do you need advice? Incorporate textiles such as wool blankets, velvet pillows or cushions and rugs in thick textures, thus creating a greater feeling of well-being and warmth in your home.


Decorative elements according to the season

One of the easiest ways to give an autumn touch to your home is to choose decorative elements that are in keeping with the season. Just as in summer we opt for marine elements, for example, in the case of autumn we can include pumpkins, dried leaves, pineapples and of course, scented candles that together will be ideal as centerpieces.

Decoración otoño


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