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White Bedrooms: A Sure Hit For Your Home In The Mediterranean

There are few rooms that transmit a feeling of freshness, luminosity and spaciousness as great as a white bedroom and, when decorating your beach house, throwing for this chromatic range becomes a real success. To bet everything on white is to bet on the safe but no less aesthetic because this color is a true blank canvas that makes any other material color, fabric and material look perfect. An infinite creative space with which to get the room you’ve always wanted so that your relaxing days in the Mediterranean are as pleasant as possible.

Decorating white bedrooms in coastal homes

Despite the fact that the bedroom is the place where we usually spend less time when we are on vacation, the truth is that it is the place we go to rest and sleep at night and therefore make it a charming space that transmits serenity. It’s fundamental. It is here where the white bedroom acquires total importance since of the entire chromatic range, this tone is the most relaxed and calm. Symbol of peace and well known for the benefits that this light color brings to mental calm. Therein lies its power.

When choosing the white elements for your room, the main thing is to focus on the walls, ceilings, curtains and sets of sheets. These elements are the ones that occupy the most visual space and those that will therefore take all the prominence.

Once you have completed those essential elements to get a white bedroom, you can focus on other spaces in the room in which, without neglecting the prominence of the white color, introduce small color elements to give some variety to the decorative style: a chair, a painting, a vase … of course, the largest elements, such as a desk table, a small sofa or a chest of drawers should be white so as not to break the harmony of the whole.

dormitorio color blanco sillas

If you still want to introduce some element of more vivid color that provides balance, the ideal thing for a house near the beach is to choose tones that accompany the spirit and context of it, according to the Mediterranean style. White and blue are one of the most successful combinations since they transmit freshness, joy and a serenity that invites to rest. If, in addition, all the material elements that you introduce in furniture and decorative elements are made of natural fibers such as wicker or jute, the result will be unique.

dormitorio color blanco plantas

Finally, and even if it is your second home and you have to take them with you once the holidays are over, we advise you to include natural elements in the form of plants and flowers to finish giving your white bedroom that halo of freshness that you fall in love with so much.


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