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Kitchen trends for this spring-summer

The nostalgic touch has taken over home trends, especially in the kitchen, where the decorative details and the structure itself are filled with a renewed retro charm. A clear example is the resurgence of color in furniture, countertops and walls, with green being the star tone of the season. From interior designers to decoration firms, everyone is adopting this trend, and we can already see it in kitchens with that unmistakable retro flavor that will mark this season. At CHG we show you the latest decoration trends to completely renew your kitchen this season.

Opt for wood

Currently, we are experiencing the rise of rustic aesthetics in kitchens. This means taking a quick look at the country houses and kitchens of yesteryear that dispensed with wall units and closed modules. Wooden shelves fit well above the work area or in any wasted and dull place.

Give importance to your kitchen storage

Storage in a kitchen is essential, every space that can be used in this room of the house is key. Looking back again, we see that traditional wall cupboards have recovered their splendor and are sneaking into the most modern kitchens to provide an interesting counterpoint.

The round tables

Stretcher tables with skirts and round tables were a staple in homes decades ago. Today they return to the forefront of trends and become the epicenter of meetings in a room as familiar as the kitchen.

Glazed modules

Now, glass cabinets that show what’s inside are back in fashion again, just as they were fashionable decades ago. The advantage? They give a certain feeling of lightness without overloading the space.

A wooden display case

The “old-fashioned” furniture was disappearing from the kitchen as more appliances entered the home. For this reason, many kitchens, especially those with a rustic character, recover traditional pieces such as display cabinets to gain storage and extra charm.


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