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Vampire Expenses: What They Are And How To Avoid Them In Order To Save

At a time like the current one, with the generalized rise in prices as a result of inflation, it is advisable to take into account what are all the expenses that are taken per month to plan the domestic economy and try to avoid all those that are expendable. And, of all the usual expenses, there are some in particular that are silent and that, although seemingly harmless, end up weighing down the savings plans. These are the so-called vampire expenses and in this article we are going to tell you what they are and how to control them.

Small expenses that add up to a lot

Paying a fee for a gym that you don’t go to, a fee for a credit card that you don’t use, going out to eat every day outside the office and even having a broken pipe that leaks little by little are those expenses that end up becoming fixed and that involve a very large outlay at the end of the month and the year.

Keys to avoid and control vampire expenses

gastos vampiro cuentas
  • Check the invoices: whether they are mobile, electricity, water … all expenses involve an economic outlay that, in many cases, more than an economic investment, they represent a loss. Spending a few hours a day to review them and check that they are correct and that they are also correct because you are taking advantage of it is necessary to, otherwise, do without some of them, look for a new phone company offer or try to make use of some of them – such as using the washing machine – at the times when the tariff is cheaper.
  • And the credit cards: Check all your credit cards and see what commission you have to pay for their maintenance and the interests of financing specific purchases since in many cases they are too high and there are other banks that can offer you better conditions.
  • Cancel excessive subscriptions: Having several movie and series platforms, mobile applications that are not free and that charge you monthly and you barely use, paying the fee for a gym that you barely go to…. These are classic vampire expenses that little by little end up adding a high outlay that you could avoid and, above all, save for more necessary expenses.
  • And anticipate major breakdowns: If the car leaks oil, or the water bill has skyrocketed compared to the previous month, it may be because there is a small fault that, if ignored, could end up generating a major fault whose cost will be much higher. Therefore, it is important to be aware of all these maintenance and comply with them before it is too late.

A fine-tuning of the domestic economy that will make sure that we do not overlook these expendable expenses and thus contribute to cleaning up our accounts.


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