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The best restaurants in Denia

It is no wonder that Denia is one of the most popular destinations of the Costa Blanca! Its climate, beaches, nature, atmosphere… It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean. But if there’s one thing we love, it’s Denia’s gastronomy! A good vacation requires good meals, so we are going tell you about the best restaurants in Denia, that you can’t miss.

El Baret de Miquel

For those days when you don’t feel like sitting at the table to eat a main course and prefer to peck, this is the right place! Its chef Miquel Ruiz left his previous restaurant (with Michelin star) and decided to open this creative tapas bar, where the most important thing is to highlight the product of the area..

Carrer Historiador Palau, 1.

El Barte de Miquel: los mejores restaurante de Denia

Quique Dacosta

Quique Dacosta Restaurant with three Michelin stars offers you a unique experience through your palate, with two tasting menus. This is a perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or simply to pay homage.

C/ Rascassa, 1 Urb. El Poblet.

Quique Dacosta: los mejores restaurantes de Denia

El Faralló

One of Denia’s most representative products is certainly the red prawn and there is no better place to taste it than the Faralló! Here the red prawns can be cooked in different ways, from red prawn croquettes to the grilled or cooked product.

Carrer del Fénix, 10.

El Faralló: los mejores restaurantes de Denia

Tasca Eulalia

Every place has its iconic restaurant where you can eat the most delicious homemade tapas. In Denia that place is Tasca Eulalia: the local residents match tapas with beer that has a rich flavor.

Marqués de Campo, 39C.

Tasca Eulalia: los mejores restaurantes de Denia

Pont Sec

Cocas are one of the most famous culinary dishes in the area of Marina Alta. Cocas consist of the pizza dough but in a mini version to which all kinds of ingredients are added. What is our favorite coca? It’s coca de pisto!

Camí vell de Gandia, km1.

Pont Sec: los mejores restaurantes de Denia

Casa Federico

But if there is one dish that is the star par excellence, it is paella! And there is no person who arrives to the Costa Blanca who is not going to taste this delicious delicacy. But it is better to eat paella at the right place. Therefore our recommendation is Casa Federico, where you can find more than 15 different types of rice.

Carrer Ausiàs March, 22.

Casa Federico: los mejores restaurantes de Denia

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