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How to have an eco-friendly house: The best ideas

We are becoming more and more aware of our planet. And more and more of us are taking care of it and trying to do our bit in the fight for the environment. But we can always do more. And having an eco friendly house is a good way to start with change. How? We’ll tell you.

Small steps that will help you to have an eco friendly home

Ventilate the house smartly

Ventilating our home is essential. But before you start to open all the windows, turn off radiators or air conditioners. What is the best time for it? Ventilate your house in winter during the hottest hours and in summer during the coldest hours.

The more natural light, the better

Avoid as much as you can light bulbs and take advantage of as much natural light as you can. When you have no choice but to turn them on, bet on those that are low consumption.

Casa con luz natural

Eco decoration

When it comes to choosing furniture and decorative accessories, opt for pieces with materials such as wood for furniture or natural fibres for textiles.

Have plants in your home

Whether or not you have a garden, what you can have are plants because there are plenty of indoor species. Why do we recommend having the plants in the interior? Because they purify the air. Of course, avoid them in your bedroom because they subtract oxygen at night.

Plantas en una casa eco friendly

Turn off the television

How many times have you left it on while doing other things at home? Don’t do it again because it consumes a lot of unnecessary energy.

Separate garbage for recycling

For those who accustomed to throwing all the waste to the same place from a young age at the beginning separating garbage can be uncomfortable. But once you start, it comes naturally to you. And you know that the plastics are to be put in the yellow bag, the paper in the blue and the organic in the brown.

Save water

Don’t let the water run before taking a shower and don’t waste it when you’re bathing. Turn off all taps and if someone loses water, fix it as soon as possible! One drop per second means 30 liters of water per day. That’s a lot!

Ahorrar agua

Have a good isolation

One of the main causes of excessive energy consumption is not having good insulation in the house. It is important to have, for example, quality windows as they can help us save up to 50% of heating (and air conditioning).

You won’t have to worry about the latter because the apartments and the houses built by CHG have the best insulation. What about the rest? Yes, you will have to do it but it will cost you very little and you will earn a lot.


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