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Decoration gifts, you’ll be sure to get it right!

The dates for dinners with family, friends or coworkers have arrived and therefore, it is time to think about those perfect gifts with which to surprise and hit the right note this Christmas. Just like fans of beauty products, books or movies, we all have a friend who is crazy about interior decoration, that is, everything that serves to dress up and reinvent their home, right?

For all those fans of interior design and decoration, at CHG we bring infallible gift options with which to play it safe. From such classic details as scented candles, to floral proposals, vases with abstract designs or storage items, decoration lovers will be delighted to receive your detail.

Take a look at our selection of decoration gifts so that you not only get it right, but also leave your mark and memory in the home of that decoration “freak”… Take note!

Regala deco

Scented candles, a safe bet

When it comes to creating a warm, cozy atmosphere with a good aroma, candles are an infallible ‘deco’ element. Aromatic and decorative, a double function that will please both decoration lovers and anyone who loves to spend quality time at home. In addition, they fit into any room, combine with any style and always bring tranquility to the rooms. For all these reasons, giving candles this Christmas will be a safe bet.

The trend vases

If we talk about decorative elements, vases are one of those pieces that are as essential as they are timeless. However, as in the world of fashion, their designs also vary and follow trends. This year, organic, sinuous and abstract shapes have triumphed in the world of decoration and therefore, with one of these models you will conquer any interior design lover.

Elementos decorativos

A special point of light

As with vases, lamps also follow trends, they are essential in any home and therefore, they are a safe bet with which to surprise. The key? Get to know your future recipient a little bit since the variety is INFINITE. From models with a vintage touch to the most avant-garde shapes, there is a perfect lamp to surprise with this Christmas… A bright and elegant light that will completely illuminate your home!




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