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Realistic and easy to achieve New Year’s resolutions

Entering the last week of the year, it is time to recapitulate and analyze what aspects of our lives we could change and why not, improve for next year. From eating better to visiting that country we have never been to, it is inevitable to set an endless number of resolutions with which to welcome the new year; however, they are not always easy to fulfill.

To avoid frustrations and start the year on the right foot, at CHG we propose making this typical list with one and only condition: think solely and exclusively about yourself and your well-being. Take note of these New Year’s resolutions, get motivated and start 2024 in style.

Find a sport that motivates you

One of those New Year’s resolutions that we usually make and that we find most difficult to fulfill is to play sports, right? Year after year we try to include physical exercise in our routine without much success and therefore, this year we want that to change and that in December 2024 we can say it loud and clear: Yes, I have achieved it. The secret? Don’t try to force yourself to go to the gym without any motivation and dedicate yourself to finding a sport that you are really passionate about and that becomes your new “vice.” CrossFit, yoga, pilates, cycling… There are countless sports with which to improve your quality of life and feel happier… find yours!


Plan a trip to remember 2024

It is more than proven that traveling enriches and, above all, brings joy to the body and soul, don’t you think? Therefore, one of the ways to stay motivated and face the coming months with enthusiasm is to plan a trip to a beautiful, relaxing destination with all the comforts you need to escape from routine. Do you need recommendations? As one of the best kept treasures of our country, the Costa Blanca becomes a perfect destination for any time of the year thanks to the beach, the good climate or the good gastronomy it offers us. Check out everything that Oliva Nova offers and enjoy the Costa Blanca this 2024… can you think of a better purpose than dedicating time to yourself?

The classic but essential: improve your diet

Although it may sound cliché, like sports, nutrition is one of those resolutions that cross our minds year after year but that we cannot fail to include on our list. It is not necessary that you follow a strict diet or opt for a drastic change, this 2024 basically try to include healthier habits in the way you eat every day: drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables or simply try not to snack between hours. You will greatly appreciate it!


Dedicate yourself one day a week

Work, routine, children, home… In our daily lives we are attentive to many aspects external to ourselves and on many occasions we forget to give ourselves the care (or time) that we deserve. As a pleasant, easy and essential resolution to fulfill, we suggest that you choose one day a week to dedicate to yourself. Read, listen to your favorite music, take a walk or visit some special place alone… Your body and mind will greatly appreciate it.



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