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Travel with your pet to Oliva Nova, pet-friendly accommodation

Thinking about getting away with the whole family, including your four-legged friend? If the answer is yes, you will be happy to know that at CHG we have the perfect destination to do it with the best conditions you can imagine, next to the sea, on the Costa Blanca and with all the services that a pet-friendly accommodation should have. This is Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort, the perfect accommodation to get away with your pet as long as you take into account certain requirements… Take note!

What accommodations can you choose?

Within Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort you can stay with your pet both in the Hotel and in the Residencial las Dunas or the Villas and Apartments. To be able to take your four-legged friend to these facilities you must pay a supplement of €35/pet per night at the Hotel, while in Las Dunas, Villas and apartments, about €15/pet per night.


What can your pet enjoy?

The room is fully equipped with a ‘Pet Kit’ with all the comforts so that your pet enjoys the stay as much as you do. Upon arrival you can find your own bed, a water bowl and a feeder so that you really feel at home.

In this case, size or race does not matter.

All sizes and races are welcome at Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort. Check the maximum number of pets allowed in the room and just keep in mind that dogs that require a muzzle due to official regulations must always wear it.


What documents do I need?

First of all, when making the reservation you must indicate the number of pets that will stay with you so that you can be assigned the most suitable room. In addition, pets must be accompanied by all the necessary legal documentation, vaccination records, etc. And remember, try to make your friend as hygienic as possible.

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