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‘Tips’ to make the most of your terrace in winter

Are you looking to give a different touch and make the most of your terrace in winter? Even though it is the coldest time of the year, at CHG we have (and we tell you) all the secrets and tips to help you achieve it since your precious terrace can adapt and be ready for your enjoyment in any season.

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space or a terrace in your own home, in addition to being privileged, you have the opportunity to adapt it and make the most of such a precious corner whatever the time of year. The key to doing it? Follow some simple tips and of course, bring out your most ingenious and creative side, take note!

Choose plants that adapt to low temperatures

As one of the elements that most decorate a space, both indoors and outdoors, plants cannot be missing from your terrace at any time of the year. To keep your little outdoor oasis alive in winter, the key is to choose those types that resist the cold. Do your research, bookmark your favorites and give the coziest touch to your particular paradise.

Plantas jardín

Choose the furniture material well

An important factor to take into account when decorating your terrace is the material of the furniture. When exposed to inclement weather such as sun, wind or rain, they can suffer and deteriorate. In this way, when furnishing your terrace you must take into account the resistance of the material you choose. One of our favorites is wood since it combines aesthetics, resistance and will also provide a super elegant rustic touch.

Terraza muebles

Opt for textiles that are resistant and ‘warm’

Textiles are one of the keys when it comes to decorating a terrace and, above all, doing so with a view to winter. Now, when choosing them you have to take into account several factors such as resistance. Get clothes made of strong and warm fabrics such as wool or hair, ideal for covering sofas. Cotton cushions are also an ideal option for decorating and, at the same time, preserving heat. Finally, raffia is perfect for rugs since, in addition to being resistant and durable, it looks ideal in any style.

Sun orientation

In winter, more than any time of the year, we love to take advantage of the few moments of sun that the climate allows us. In this way, when decorating and furnishing our terrace it is important that we take into account the sunniest point according to the orientation and thus, place the furniture in the correct way. Although it may seem silly, making this mistake is very common and even though it is winter, we cannot waste a ray of sunshine!

Sol terraza


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