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All the benefits of living near the sea

When you spend a period of time near the sea, you cannot deny that it has an “effect” not only on our body, but also on our mind. The sea, although it sounds somewhat mystical, has certain powers that for some are essential in everyday life and for this reason, they cannot conceive of living away from it… It is something magical and therefore, it is normal that when deciding a destination where to buy a second home, we always have the sea as our first option, don’t you think? The mildness of the climate, the quality of the gastronomy, the benefits of salt water… The sea is an inexhaustible source of benefits and therefore, investing in a home located on the coast is a safe investment. Whether it is to have a place to escape to on family vacations, as well as if you want to enjoy the best possible retirement, at CHG we have and tell you all the benefits of living near the sea. Take note!

Air quality

Brisa del mar

It is not a “Chinese story”, some studies have shown that the air in sea areas is cleaner and less polluted than in inland areas. This is basically because the sea breeze is rich in iodine and sea salts, which makes our breathing improve, even promoting nasal decongestion. In addition, iodine also improves our immune system, making us stay stronger against contracting diseases or infections.

The sea balances serotonin levels

Serotonina mar

One of the most notable aspects that interests us most about living near the sea is that, as has been shown, the sea breeze has the power to balance serotonin levels. What does this mean? Basically, it is capable of reducing anxiety and stress and for this reason, it is common for people who live near the sea to have higher levels of happiness.

It enhances sleep quality

Dormir cerca del mar

By living near the sea or spending long periods in a coastal town, the tension in our body is stabilized and in this way it makes us relax. The main manifestation of this phenomenon is that being near the sea makes us sleep much better. The feeling of relaxation favors the quality of our sleep, making us sleep deeper and longer. Don’t you think it’s super necessary?

A great incentive to go out and do sports

Hacer deporte

Living near the coast is a great incentive to go outside and exercise. Running in the middle of the city is not the same as running on the seashore, enjoying its sound, peace and tranquility. In this way, the lifestyle of people who live near the sea is much healthier and also encourages self-care, don’t you think?

In short, the sea is an inexhaustible source of benefits for us and that is why living close to it makes us feel so good in all aspects. Get to know all the homes we have at CHG and don’t miss the dream of living near the sea… there is only one life!


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