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How to choose an air conditioning system that suits your needs

If there is something we look forward to all year long, it is the arrival of summer. Of course, when it finally comes, we suffer from high temperatures, mainly at home. For that, the best solution is always the air conditioner. But which one to choose according to our needs? And if I don’t want to spend a lot, what is a good option? Do I have to get into construction work to install it? We´ll answer your questions by discovering all the possibilities to keep your home fresh.

Types of air conditioning

Portable: The most affordable and requiring little (or no) installation


A quick and very economical solution is the penguin type air conditioning. It is a portable air conditioning machine (that you can take to each room depending on where you are) that carries a tube for the extraction of hot air that is taken out of the window. It is true that it is not the most aesthetic (although there are increasingly better designs) but it is a great option for those who do not want to invest much or do not want to get into works.

Aire acondicionado de pingüino
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Window air conditioner

Window air conditioner, as the name suggests, is a device that is placed in the window with half of the equipment inside the house and the other outside. Its system is completely autonomous so it has its own production of cold and heat in the same unit. Its price, of course, is lower than other types of systems and does not require complex installation or making holes in the wall.

Aire acondicionado de ventana
© Noria

Fixed equipment: more expensive but powerful air conditioning options

Split and multisplit

This type of air conditioning is the most common. It has an outdoor unit and one (or more) inside the house. It is ideal for small houses and although it is visible and requires making holes in the walls, it has the advantage of being the most economical among fixed systems and its installation is easier.

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Ceiling cassette

If you are looking for a powerful system to climate large spaces, the ceiling cassette is a great solution. And although its price is higher and you need false ceiling to hide it, it is very aesthetic and easy to clean.

Cassete de techo
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Ducted air conditioning

To install the ducted air conditioning you do have to get into work and the outlay is large. Of course, once installed you will hardly see it since it is hidden in the false ceiling and the air comes out through very discreet grids that do not tarnish at all the aesthetics of the rooms. It is great for large spaces as it has a lot of power.

Aire acondicionado de conductos
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Which one do you choose? Our recommendation is that, if you live in a rental house, opt for portable systems and, if on the contrary you own a home, invest in a good fixed type air conditioning.


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