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Ideas for decorating the terrace

Now that the good weather has finally settled in, it is time to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. To enjoy dinners with friends, to read a good book in natural light, to sit down to sunbathe… How to make those moments even more special? Decorating the terrace to create a cozy atmosphere. We’ll give you some ideas.

How to decorate the terrace to make it more cozy?

We do not all have the same terraces. Some have large spaces where it is possible to create several environments and others have smaller spaces in which hardly fits a small table with some chairs to sit down to eat. But what is clear is that, whatever space you have, there are many solutions to make this area of our house as pleasant as possible.

Get the colors right

Colors play a very important role in our emotions. If you want your terrace to be a haven of peace, opt for white, blue or neutral tones. If you want something more cheerful, mix colors and prints. And if what you want is something more sophisticated to celebrate parties and dinners, choose dark tones (always remembering that by day they trap more heat and you will get less use).

Colores para decorar la terraza

Materials to decorate the terrace

Wood and natural fibers (rattan, bamboo…) are always a hit when it comes to creating a nice corner of these characteristics. For tables and seats these materials provide more warmth. Although, if you have a small space, lightweight metal or iron parts are a great choice. As for fabrics, opt for linens. They will help you create a more summery and inspiring atmosphere.

materiales para decorar la terraza

Plants are essential

Plants, in addition to giving us a feeling of closeness to nature and freshness (something essential in the hottest months), provide a very welcoming and cheerful aesthetic at the same time. If you have a large terrace, you can include a variety of plants and even set up your own garden. If you have a few meters, to not load the stage, opt for small pots. Exotic is always welcome!

Plantas para decorar la terraza

Play with light at summer night

Is there anything more wonderful than a candlelit evening? One of the things that are most enjoyed during this time of year is being able to have a drink at night, outdoors, with cozy lighting. Placing several candles on the terrace is one of the winning formulas, as well as placing garlands of lights and lanterns that provide a soft and warm light.

guirnaldas de luces

Have you seen how little it takes to decorate a charming terrace? Do not hesitate and take note to enjoy it to the fullest these months.


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