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Team building in Oliva Nova: The best place to do it!

Team building is a set of activities to strengthen ties and get to know each other more. Is a great activity to build a healthy relation among co-workers, in that way a company works better. No matter if you own a company or if you a part of one, we give you the best reasons why making a Team Building in Oliva Nova is a great idea.

4 reasons to make Team Building in Oliva Nova

Multiple group activities

One of the “keys” of this technique, is doubtless making different exercises as a team, ¡and in Oliva Nova you have a great offer of entertainment! You can have fun and get along while playing golf in the incredible golf course of 18 holes, having a paddle or tennis game or even making some fitness.

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Spaces and rooms

Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel has many spaces where you can reunite, Dalas and Velázquez rooms are within the Hotel installations, in the building next to the reception and with access from the suits and the parking. It has 150 m2 and it can be subdivided in 2 rooms with great audiovisual systems and red Wi-Fi!

Another option is the room Gran Centelles, with 480 m2 and with the possibility to be subdivided in 4 independent rooms that counts with audiovisual systems, Wi-Fi and it has been reform recently.

And if you come in sun season, we recommend celebrating the reunions outside in the hotel gardens as in the air-conditioned rooftop, or ¡even in the Equestrian Centre!

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A unique weather

If there’s anything that characterize the White Coast is it’s wonderful weather. This can seem nonsense but it’s warm temperatures that last the whole year will make possible all your plans.


Is not all about the activities and the environment, for a good performance is important to rest. In Oliva Nova you can found any type of accommodation that fit your needs, from individual acommodations in Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel to villages and apartments for all the team.

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