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Handcrafted style, the deco trend that will dress your home

It is nothing new that the Nordic style, as well as the elements of sinuous shapes, have stood out during this last year decorating the homes of those most knowledgeable on the subject. However, the trend that has triumphed, triumphs and will triumph is the one that pays tribute to the nature. The artisanal style, made from natural materials, has invaded the collections and proposals of our favorite deco brands, becoming the most cutting-edge trend of the year.

The reasons for this ode to nature? As in other artistic fields such as art or fashion, new ways of living in accordance with sustainability and love for our planet have decisively influenced decorative trends, emerging a style that relies on materials of natural origin, love for imperfect shapes and why not, the desire for second-hand or vintage items.

From CHG we show you the guidelines, the keys and of course, the dose of inspiration necessary for you to adapt this trend to your home. Take note!

Tendencias deco

The secret is in the materials

The definitive key to this trend is, without a doubt, in the choice of materials. As you can imagine, their origin must be natural such as wood, stone, marble, raffia or jute, in all their versions. Choose decorative elements, small furniture or accessories in natural materials and give your home a very cozy touch.

tendencia naturaleza

The right (and natural) textiles

From rugs to cushions or curtains, textiles have a strong power in this trend and therefore, to evoke the natural and artisan world in our home there are pieces that will be key: jute rugs, raffia lamps, linen curtains , wool cushions… Choosing the right textiles not only allows you to decorate your home but also gives that cozy touch that we so desire.

Tendencia textiles

Infinite love for wood

Although we have talked about natural materials as a key factor in this decoration trend, we must highlight wood as an essential element. Whether from furniture such as sideboards, chairs or shelves, accessories such as tableware or decorative elements such as vases or trays, matera monopolizes every corner of the home to give that aura of nature that is so successful.

Tendencia madera

Plants, essential and natural

Another characteristic of this trend that we cannot ignore is the presence of plants. Now, no tricks, it’s time to take advantage of our gardening skills and take care of maintaining the freshness and life of our own natural plants. Research which type is best for your city’s climate and, above all, for staying indoors. Your home will look different!

Plantas naturales


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