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5 benefits of the sea for our body and our mind

Few things help us feel more at peace than the sea. When we want to disconnect, the sea coast is one of our favorite destinations because it gives us a lot of tranquility. But in addition to this it has multiple benefits for our body and our mind. We’ll tell you about five of them.

5 benefits of the sea that you have to know

It’s good for our lungs

Breathing the sea breeze is beneficial for our lungs and airways as it helps eliminate toxic elements. The sea breeze contains no pollution and is full of ozone and nutrients that help you breathe better and improve and reduce lung diseases and problems.

Sea water is a great ally of our skin

Bathing in the sea has countless advantages for our skin, both in terms of health and aesthetics. Sea water has an antibiotic and antiseptic action that facilitates the healing of small wounds. It also improves skin problems such as psoriasis or acne. In addition, thanks to being rich in salt, it helps restore the natural barrier of the skin, giving it a softer and smoother appearance.

The sea strengthens joints and bones

Another of the benefits of the sea is that when we get into it, our body works to maintain balance within it, thus strengthening muscles and joints. The bones also benefit from a bath in their waters since the calcium and phosphorus found in them is better fixed.

It is good for the circulatory system

The cold sea temperature activates our heart and improves the whole vascular system in general, relieving circulation problems, as well as cellulite and varicose veins.

The sea helps you feel better psychically

Among the benefits of the sea is also that of good mental health. And it relaxes our brain providing not only calm, tranquility and peace (reducing stress and anxiety) but also helps to be more creative and focus better. The sea provides a unique sense of well-being.

Beneficios del mar

And to you, what benefits does the sea bring you? Come to Oliva Nova to check them out. Without a doubt, it is an ideal place to spend the holidays and also to live throughout the year.


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