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Travel to Tuscany thanks to the Italian restaurant of Oliva Nova-

If you are a lover of Italian gastronomy, Oliva Nova has the perfect destination and perfect place for you to enjoy it without having to leave the country and also in an enviable location. We are talking about Don Giacomo, an Italian restaurant in Oliva Nova, specifically in La Plaza, where you will immediately be transported to Tuscany through your palate. From the best pastas, pizzas, risottos, appetizers and the most spectacular desserts with an Italian touch, they characterize the menu of this restaurant that has become one of the main attractions of Oliva Nova… We’ll tell you!

The best starters

Like any self-respecting lunch or dinner, the starters are an essential part since, as its name indicates, it is the part of the banquet with which you whet your appetite. At Don Giacomo you can find a wide variety of starters (antipasti in Italian) among which its burrata, its salads, its antipasti board or sausage straight from Bologna or its carpaccio stand out.

The best fresh pasta

If something characterizes Italian gastronomy, it is undoubtedly pasta. In all its formats and following traditional recipes, in the best Italian restaurant in Oliva Nova you can find a wide variety of pastas such as papardelle, tagliatelle or panciott…

The Italian essential is always pizza

Preserving the rules, essence and Italian recipes, at Don Giacomo you can find the right variety of pizzas for all tastes and desires. For us, the Margherita is always a ‘must’.


At the end of a good meal, it is necessary to leave room for dessert, especially if it is an Italian dessert. From Neapolitan tiramisu to panna cotta, including a gorgonzola cheese cake, Italy oozes in each of the sweet options on the menu… You won’t be able to resist.


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