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Common home decoration mistakes to avoid

CuWhen you arrive at a new home you start thinking about how you are going to decorate it, what furniture you are going to need and how you are going to arrange everything in each room. But be careful! Ideas and reality do not always go hand in hand so we must let everything rest well to create the spaces we have always dreamed of. With so many home decor ideas to inspire us there comes a time that we can lose the north. That’s why we’ve summarized the most common mistakes you should keep in mind before shaping your new home.

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Avoid these 7 home deco mistakes

There are details related to the decoration to take into account when we buy a new house. Some are common sense, others may go unnoticed but they are all equally important to having the perfect home. Pay attention and keep them in mind for your next home!

Transparent curtains

¡Watch the curtains! Their main function is to sift the light and give intimacy. Therefore we must avoid fabrics (even if we fall in love with them) that are very transparent. In the long run they will not fulfill their function and are more delicate. Conclusion: they will last less.

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Another thing to consider about curtains, beyond the type of fabric, is the measure. It may happen that we bought a standard model and then it does not fit into the window we had planned. So the most important thing is to know the measurements before you go to buy them.

The carpets?

¿Y qué hacemos con las alfombras? Este elemento de decoración es perfecto para separar y vestir eAnd what do we do with the carpets? This decoration element is perfect to separate and dress spaces. But as we place it can become one of the most dangerous deco mistakes. In addition to being perfect to give warmth to different environments, they help to delimit the areas of the same room. And the size plays a lot on this occasion as it can make a space look much smaller. Still, experts recommend that it is always better for the carpet to be a little larger. Falling short is always a mistake!

Too many decorative elements

Be careful with the elements we use to decorate a space. Sometimes it happens, and especially in chalets and large houses, that we want to fill everything with lamps, paintings, mirrors and in the end we lose the focus. The most important thing in these cases is to bet on consistency and simplicity.

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Disregard measurements

As we have already mentioned before with the subject of curtains, taking into account the measurements is more than essential. It is not the same to decorate a flat than a chalet. That is why we have to take into account the space we have because it will influence the type of sofa, table, bed, even television that we choose.

Follow the trends

Following trends takes away personality and can cause you to quickly get tired of your home. With which you will only want to change everything again in place and form. Bet on your own taste and in case of doubt always choose the most neutral and simple option.


Lighting is an essential part of a home. That is why be careful with very cold lights and bet on lamps that give indirect light to the different rooms.

Outdoor coloured fabrics

If you have a house with a terrace or a garden, this interests you a lot! This is just an idea and an element to consider when creating an outdoor space. We do not usually invest much in decoration for this type of space but it is still part of the house and you have to leave it perfect. Many times, with the arrival of summer, we take the opportunity to redecorate it with the most colorful trends of the moment. Well, this is a serious mistake that can lead us to have to change the decor year after year. If you are going to decorate your terrace again (or for the first time), forget about saturated colors and bet on whites, beiges and greys. With direct exposure to the sun, the most vivid tones tend to be eaten by the sun and it immediately feels dirty and old.

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La clave para no caer en este tipo de errores decorativos es The key to not falling into this type of decor mistakes is to guide you by your instinct and surround yourself with professionals who help you see with perspective those things that must always be taken into account.


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