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Influencers spend their holidays in Oliva Nova

Oliva Nova es a unique place where to spend holidays. Accommodations are wonderful to come with the friends, family or with the couple. The weather is nice on every season of the year to enjoy the beach, the infinity plans and the five-fork gastronomy. Some of the top influencers have proved it and have stayed amazed by the views. We will show you the most special moments in the White Coast.

Ana Albadalejo

As the Father’s Day was coming, the influencer and model, traveled with her family and Laura Caldarola’s family to Oliva Nova to celebrate it. Even thought is close to her home (Alicante) she did not know the area and fell completely in love with it. She said: “I didn’t know it and it has been perfect for us. Disconnection with family and friends. A beautiful Hotel, with perfect installations for families and it’s on the beach”. No doubt her trip to the White Coast was a good decision.

Influencers in Oliva nova

Laura Caldarola

When traveling with the family, comfort is one of the most valued things. And Laura Caldarola gives faith that in Oliva Nova it’s possible to have it. The wide spaces (at Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel) and the gardens have contributed with that. The weather, the place, the company and the service were also a key for the experience. The Italian girl even confessed that spent a few days here was like a renew therapy and that everybody in her family were really happy during their stay.

Cristina Ramírez de Lalo y Lila

Cristina Ramírez were also in Oliva Nova as a family and they couldn’t enjoy more, through their social media they commented how the six of them enjoyed. She and her husband rested and got disconnected while the kids played nonstop. They ate delicious food. She loved the restaurant Aura Lounge, as she said: “Is a really nice place in the Equestrian Centre, food is delicious, and you can eat while enjoying the Great Prix”. And she’s right, It’s an amazing place!

Do you also want to have a great time as these trendy girls did? Do not doubt and come visit us because we are sure you’ll love it. Where to stay? In Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel or in one of our rent houses that CHG has for you. What a great plan!


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