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This summer…beach vacation in Oliva Nova!

Are you looking for what to do this summer vacation and can’t think of where to go? We have the perfect plan! And it can be no other than spending a few days of disconnection and fun on the beach in Oliva Nova! The best way to welcome the season of good weather and begin to get into the beach and summer atmosphere that we like so much. Oliva Nova offers you all the facilities and comforts in a wonderful location and a unique environment. Of course, once you discover this paradise, the return to routine will be a little harder!

Go sailing

Could there be a more appealing and summery plan than sailing through the sea? Surely not! And, among many other water activities that can be done in Oliva Nova, renting a boat, either with or without a boat skipper, is one of them. An activity to enjoy all the splendor of the sea and reach unique places that cannot be reached by swimming or on foot.

Practice any sport

Tennis, paddle tennis, golf, swimming, running, cycling, hiking, yoga, surfing or paddle surfing… There is no sport that escapes Oliva Nova and that cannot be practiced either in its wonderful facilities or in its privileged surroundings! And summer, in addition to resting, is also a time to enjoy the sports that we usually practice in the city, but in new, privileged enclaves on the seashore!

Enjoy the best beauty treatments

How we like vacations, and if they are summer vacations even more! And the thing is, the good weather, the relaxed atmosphere, the outdoors and the time we spend with our family and friends. Add to your routine some of the following beauty facial treatments that you can do at Oliva Nova Wellness Spa and you will be simply radiant.

Romantic dinner at Oliva Nova Gastro

With a wide variety of restaurants, the gastronomic offer at Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Club is one of the most complete in the area. Traditional, Mediterranean, avant-garde or Italian cuisine are just some of the many options to enjoy a pleasant evening with your partner and end with a delicious cocktail! In addition, you can make reservations for all their restaurants easily from their website.



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