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Learn how to save energy at home

The 21st of October is World Energy Conservation Day, so it seems to us the best time for reflection on our energy consumption.

It is the Earth that provides us with the main sources of energy, and if we want it to continue to do so, we must not abuse it and make rational use of it so that it does not run out.

How to take the first step? Saving energy at home can be our first grain of sand to this good cause. Moreover, by doing this we are not only respectful of our planet but also respectful of our pocketbook.

8 tricks that will help you save energy at home

Use LED bulbs

LED light bulbs, even if they are a little more expensive in the beginning, last up to 10 times longer than conventional light bulbs and consume 80% less energy.

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Take advantage of natural light

The LED light bulbs are fine, but when they’re on, they still consume. Do you really need to turn them on all the time? Make the most of natural light if you want to save energy at home.

Turn off electronic devices you do not use

Why leave your TV on stand-by for hours (or even days) instead of turning it off? And when we say TV we also mean all the electronic devices that we leave on or connected while we are not using them. Did you know that these devices consume 10% of the total energy of a house? It makes you think.

Don’t open the oven when it’s working

Every time we open it when we’re cooking, its temperature can drop to 50 degrees. What does that mean? After that, it has to recover the temperature it has lost, and that entails a great amount of energy expenditure.

Ahorrar energía en casa

Wash clothes in cold

Almost 90% of the energy consumed by a washing machine is used to heat the water. We know that there are times when, in order to make good laundry, we have to opt for high-temperature programs. But sometimes we don’t need high-temperature programs. So before you start your cycle of the washing machine, think about whether you really need to wash your clothes with hot water.

Turn on the water heater when you really need it

As we told you in the previous point, heating water consumes a lot. Are you really going to leave the heater running when you’re in the office or when you’re traveling? By turning it on only when you’re going to take a shower and you’ll notice bigger saving.

Cover frying pans when cooking

By covering frying pans and pots when cooking, food will be made faster and we’ll therefore consume less electricity.

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What do you think of the recommendations we’ve given you? From our company CHG we encourage you not to leave them for later and put them into practice to have an eco-friendly house.


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