Aftersales Service

Discover the benefits of being a customer CHG

CHG clients who invest in a villa or in a finished apartment will have a one year guarantee on visible and non-visible defects.

Quality in the construction backed up by the UNE EN ISO 9001 Certificate.

CHG clients can opt for an exclusive Life stage Plan: if your needs or wishes ever change, you can swap your current property for a bigger one, paying only the difference in price between the two.

CHG clients will enjoy a personalized After-sales Service for the following procedures:


House maintenance

Garden and pool maintenance

Water and electricity bills

Provision and processing of interpreting and translation services (for foreign clients)

Processing of an application for a telephone line

General correspondence of the CHG Group of Companies

Transfer services from Alicante and/or Valencia airports to Olivia Nova Golf and vice versa

Processing of the authorizations for public services suppliers

Processing of request froms clients such as car hire reservation, Green Fees, a booking for the spa...

If you wish, you will be able to obtain all the benefits of being a CHG client, such as the Rental Service of your residence.