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Ce sont les conseils pour rester au chaud à la maison

En octobre, nous avons oublié la climatisation, les longues journées chaudes et bien sûr les vacances d’été et nous nous tournons donc vers l’hiver prochain. Que vous ayez ou non un système de chauffage à la maison, sachez qu’il existe de nombreuses façons de s’assurer que la chaleur soit conservée, plus et mieux, à l’intérieur…

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The most valuable aspects in a property

When buying a home, whether as a first or second residence or as an investment, there are certain aspects and characteristics to take into account for potential buyers and/or future tenants. The built surface, location, accessibility and qualities are some of them but there are more. Discover all these valuable aspects to buy a home.…

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Keys to make your home more sustainable

A sustainable and respectful house whose life inside it generates the least impact on the environment is one of the purposes that more and more homeowners carry out to contribute their bit to the care of our planet. Do you want to know how you can contribute to making your CHG home as sustainable as…

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What light points do you need at home? Keys to lighting and saving in your property

Creating environments, enhancing dark spots, increasing sensations and taking advantage of different areas are some of the benefits and characteristics that light creates in our day to day. Therefore, learning to optimize its functions and qualities are a fundamental requirement to make your home the perfect place both day and night knowing how to light…

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Mediterranean Style: The Ideal Decoration For Your Beach House

There is no doubt that of all those that exist, the Mediterranean style decoration is one of our favorites. And not only because it is very « ours » but because it is one of the most successful when it comes to thinking about our dream beach house. Pure colors such as white and blue and warm…

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Cuenca A: Your Private Luxury Villa In Oliva Nova

We know that when it comes to choosing just one of the great homes that CHG offers you with unique designs and qualities, the decision is quite complicated. And now that you are about to discover Cuenca A in Oliva Nova, a luxury villa that, as its name indicates, is a real luxury and is…

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The funniest Carnival is in Oliva Nova

Did you think that February was going to be a quiet month without any kind of interesting plan after the emotions of the Christmas holidays and the wait for the arrival of Easter? Well let us tell you… you were completely wrong! If a few days ago we showed you the most romantic plan to…

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Spend a romantic Valentine’s Day in Oliva Nova

It is the most romantic date of the year and as such it deserves that you and your partner enjoy it as you deserve. Because although love is always celebrated, Cupid’s Day becomes the perfect time to dedicate quality time to that special person for you by going out in addition to the routine and…

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